Pilietiškumo ugdymas Italijoje/ Citizenship education in Italy

Viterbo St. Thomas‘s International school

  • Strengthening students‘ self-governance by learning to make important decisions in their school life.
  • Participation of students in a charity event.

The chronic issue that was identified was a lack of awareness of how to participate in decision-making in school and at a local level. Students wanted to have their voices heard, but did not know how to make this happen. I decided to have the students look deeper into this issue while studying ancient history, and then to compare it to the society in which we live.

Therefore, Grade 5 from St Thomas’s studied various forms of government which developed in ancient societies, from the birth of democracy in ancient Greece, to its development in ancient Rome. They then organized a trip to the local town council, where they met with the deputy mayor and some councilors. They asked questions, and found out how people participate in a modern democracy, and what role children can play. They then took this information back to school, and reported to the school council. They then prepared to share their knowledge with their counterparts in Lithuanian schools involved in the project.

Joanne Gillespie, St. Thomas‘s International School